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Tackle Box Troubles: Sammy Spinner (Hardcover)

Hard Cover - 8.5 x 11 inches - 38 pages - AND Autographed by the author!

   Wishing you many fun-filled days of fishing and catching BIG fish! Remember to keep your fishing lures out of trouble! (w/Susan Duke autograph)


Sammy Spinner, an eager fishing bait, gets plopped into a tackle box alongside Bucky Bucktail, Francis Frog, and Suki Suick with one goal to catch big fish. He sees shores lined with pine trees and large loons swimming on the water. He hears giggling eagles sitting in woody nests and beavers' thick tails building dams. 

Sammy believes he is well-prepared to get a fish into the red boat. However, he quickly learns catching fish that live in Northwoods Lakes could take thousands of casts. Sammy is dragged through chilly water filled with long grasses, slimy weeds, sunken logs, and lily pads that hide all types and sizes of fish. Sammy just cannot seem to catch one!

Can the lures from Tackle Box Troubles teach Sammy fishing tips and a proper figure 8 to give him a better chance of catching and releasing a big fish this summer? You'll need to read to find out!

Tackle Box Troubles Fish Tale #2: Bucky Bucktail & Tommy Topwater (Hardcover)

Hardcover - 8.5 x 11 inches, 41 pages - AUTOGRAPHED by the author

ISBN 978-1-6698-7779-0

Story Summary

  Another fishing season for the lures in Tackle Box Troubles has finally arrived! Bucky Bucktail, Francis Frog, Sammy Spinner, and Suki Suick are4 ready for amazing fishing adventures on the large lake. This summer, Musky Ike, Tommy Topwater, and Big Jake join in the fishing fun! Which lure is going to catch the longest fish from the deep, murky, cold water?

  Trouble starts for the fishing lures when Tommy Topwater, an experienced chopper lure, is cast too high over the water and becomes tangled up in power lines. The fisherman cuts the fishing line away from the reel, leaving Tommy Topwater hanging high above the water.

  Realizing every cast from the fishing rod puts the lures in serious trouble, Sammy believes fishing is too dangerous a sport for him. By sharing two stories about Bucky Bucktail and the trouble he survived during his time on the boat, the other fishing lures try to reassure Sammy that Tommy can indeed be rescued from this trouble.

  Will Tommy Topwater be rescued and returned to the tackle box this summer?

  Or will he be stuck spending a frigid winter outdoors in the Northwoods?


Note: The events in this story are based on actual events with fishing lures used by Susan Duke. If you’ve been fishing, you’ve had a lure hooked into trouble. These funny books are perfect for every fishing family!

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