Swim Jigs

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The ALL-NEW Pro Tour Baits Pro-Series Swim Jigs have been built to perform! They are built to withstand every ounce of abuse you and your fish can dish out!  We upgraded almost every aspect of our previous jigs.  We went to Gamakatsu hooks, 66 strand BioSkirt skirts, and 3-D eyes.  Due to popular demand, we are hand tying every jig.  No thread here, folks!  We use over 2 feet of 30lb braid on every jig, double knot them, and Super-Glue the knots.  You will NOT lose any of our skirts!  We drill every weedguard hole and adjust the hole angle to get the weedguard closer to the tip of the hook.  This has proven to reduce snags.  We spent HOURS grinding our mold to incorporate our EXCLUSIVE double wire bait keeper.  We are very impressed how well this keeper holds.  We continue to use baked powdercoat paint due to it being very durable.  We kept our most popular colors and weights, and added all-new skirt and head colors and weights.