4” Ned Rig Body

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The Ned Rig is one of the newest and fastest growing techniques in Bass fishing.  Simply fish the bodies on our "Ned Head 2.0's".  Slowly drag the rig along bottom, adding in little hops and twitches here and there is very effective.  Don't be afraid to swim it or "dead-stick" them either!  They are also very effective on a drop-shot.  Expect to catch multiple species of fish including Largemouth, Smallmouth, Walleye, Rock Bass, and even Crappie.  All Pro Tour Baits Ned Bodies are HAND POURED and made with FLOATING, SUPER SOFT, HIGH QUALITY plastic for incredible action and durability for such a small bait.  Like all of our plastics we add garlic scent and REAL fish oil to every bag.